Okinawa live distribution “TRIP SHOT FES ~ Music Charge ~” Saturday, October 17, 2020 17: 00-21: 30


Okinawa live distribution “TRIP SHOT FES ~ Music Charge ~”
The power of Okinawa City, the city of music, through hotel x music x transmission!

Due to the new corona disaster, it is currently difficult to carry out music activities.

Meanwhile, Okinawan music will not stop! We planned an online music festival entitled “Tripshot fes Music Charge” to send the message.

[Official homepage]

Music Charge

We will deliver live with 3 suggestions!

Part 1
Live delivery from different venues!
Live delivery from 3 guest rooms of the hotel on Avenue!

Part 2
Reporters will charge at venues scattered throughout the city and tell you live footage.

Part 3
Since it is a festival production that is not delivered independently, viewers can enjoy multiple Koza music.

In the future, we will continue to contribute to the transmission of other entertainment-related activities as new music content that will not stop the transmission of “Okinawa City, the City of Music”.

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2020
Hours: 17:00 start 21:30 close
Place: Player’s Cafe Rockside, Central, Red Room

Distribution: Trip Shot Hotels Koza Official Facebook Page
Fee: Free to browse

Main venue [Player’s Cafe]
17:00 start
Moderator: Shinichi Miyajima & FM Koza
Reporter: Hanako Tomita (Snack Hanako Mama) & Shigeru Kouyama

Live venue 1 [Rockside]
17: 15-17: 30
Teshio Recommended Artist: Ayumi Higa

18: 30-18: 45
Lira Kichi

20: 00-20: 15
Shaolon to the Sky (Solo)
Live Venue 2 [Red Room]
17: 40-17: 55
Slumber Recommended Artist

18:55 ~ 19:10
Jin Mekaru (solo)

20: 25-20: 40
Store recommended artist
Live venue 3 [Central]
18: 05-18: 20
Human power manatee

19: 20-19: 35
1 pair of slumber recommended bands

20: 50-21: 05
Naokiya band

* The order of appearance may change.

We look forward to your continued support and participation


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